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New York



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FALL 2020


Grades 1 - 5

ibii is creatively teaching kids to become entrepreneurs or at least how to think like entrepreneurs. Students will placedon teams to develop a unique positivebrand which creates a personalitythat aligns with their groups corepurpose and value.


No matter what career kids ultimately pursue, they're going to have to constantly adapt and innovate in order to succeed--just like entrepreneurs do. So why not educate them that way? ibii Instructors will provide the tools and resources students will need to teach your children how to design and market their own brand.

Students will design,  print and promote their very own  branded T-shirts  to inspire and share with their friends what they learned and produced with Ibii.


Students will create a personality that aligns with their core purpose, helping those unaccustomed with their brand to build trust in it.

Logo Design

Students will brainstorm words that best describe the teams brand. They will then sketch ideas based on these words.


Students will present  their teams company Mission/ Values and logo designs concepts in context of application

T-Shirt Design

Students will submit their teams final design for t-shirt production which will be online for purchase.

(50% will go back to the schools club organization.)