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Ibii Kids 3


Here is your ibii magic tutorial videos. I hope you guys are excited! Don't forget to share your video performances with us as well.  Post videos on facebook or instagram and tag @freeibii #freeibii

1. Ambitious Card (Level 3)



2. Deep Finger Palm (Level 3)


3. Garcia Pick Up. (Level 3)




4.ibii Coin Vanish. (Level 1)




5 ibii Magic Cups and Ball (Level 1)


6. Sponge Balls (Level 2)


7. ibii I Choose You Choose. (Level 2)


8. ibii Balancing Dollar. (Level 1)



9. ibii Coin Matrix. (Level 3)



10. ibii Cut and Restore. (Level 2)



11. Is this your card? (Level 1)



12. Phone in Balloon. (Level 2)



ibii Bonus Trick

13. ibii’s Vanishing Toothpick (Level 1)

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