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Meditation for Kids

Meditation is a very common practice nowadays, the most between adults, but now we know that children can meditate too.

Many studies have proved that meditation for kids is an important instrument, which can help them to focus, to feel better and to explore love of self and others.

If you don’t know what meditation can do for you, and for you little ones, here you will find some explanations.

1. Meditation can help kids to be more focused

If your child has problems about focus, and finds difficult to concentrate, help his or her mind with meditation.

With simple exercises kids can learn how to be more focused, but in a fun and relaxed way.

For example, kids can learn how to focus their attention on their breath, or on a word: the most important thing about meditation for little “students” is simplicity!

2. Meditation to grow in a serene way

Growing can be difficult: body and mind change in the blink of an eye!

With meditation kids can learn that their bodies and minds are perfect, powerful and capable to do extraordinaire things.

A perfect example of this kind of meditation is visualization: proposing to children simple visualization exercises can be very useful, a fun way to make them create stories and to reflect about their realities with a different approach.

3. Meditation to find real joy

Even little ones can have big problems, and adults must know that.

They can experiment fear, doubts and loneliness, but with meditation will be possible to invert these tendencies.

With specific exercises will be possible to help young ones to feel love for themselves and for the others.

A powerful example is meditation done with music and sounds: that technique can help children to identify emotions, to cope with them, and also to feel loved and to love others in a compassionate way.

4. Meditation to discover inner self

Another beautiful effect of meditation for children is the path towards discovering their real inner selves.

Every kid has a special identity, and thanks to meditation he or her can discover that specific uniqueness.

With some exercises can be possible to help a child to discover a talent, to explore spirituality and to reflect in a positive way about his or her individuality.

At the same time, meditation can also help to perceive our role in the entire Universe: we are all part of a beautiful community, and we can all make our part to make the world better.

It’s proven that meditation can also improve our sense of altruism!

5. Meditation to become better adults

Least, but not last, meditation can help little ones to grow in a positive way.

They will learn to be focused, to share, to love themselves and others, and to approach the world in a way that is not selfish, and not connoted with insecurities, anger and fear.

A kid that starts to meditate will be an adult with a clearer mind, with a big heart and with a real self-esteem.

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