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Classic Youth Bold ibii Adventure Cap
Our caps are more than just an accessory; they're a statement of creativity and uniqueness. Perfect for little explorers who dream big and dare to be different.

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ibii's brand mission

Spark creativity, unlock potential, share joy, create compassionate empowered humans."

Unlock your child's creativity

From afterschool enrichment to uplifting merchandise, ibii™ delivers inspiration for all!




What We Offer

ibii's Enrichment Magic: An After-School Adventure!

Join our spirited tribe, where creativity meets social-emotional learning! Together, we shine bright, sharing our unique creations with the world. Dive into playful lessons and clever tools, designed to fuel both your creative journey and emotional growth. Be part of a community that transforms dreams into heartwarming, tangible realities!

How We Do It

Space to Grow: ibii's 'We Over Me' Approach 

Every child needs room to explore, grow, and dream big. In our space, kids discover the power of teaming up, sharing their brightest ideas, and tackling challenges together. By combining creativity with collaboration, we create endless opportunities for problem-solving and innovation. Dive in, grow, and let the magic of shared imagination lead the way

Our Services

Meet ibii™

Meet ibii
Igniting Imaginations & Creative Quests!

ibii™, Champion of Focus, Passion, Action, and Creativity! Let's unite, share ideas, and create magic. Remember, ibii stands for 'I Bring Ideas and Inspiration'!

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ibii's Elements Explained

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You are focused. You have big dreams and you work hard to reach them, always helping others remember to concentrate on what is truly important to them.

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You are passionate. You share hope and love wherever you go. Even when the sun isn’t shining, your smile shines to help brighten the day.

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You take action. You are never afraid to explore new places or try new things. A doer who knows that each small step in the right direction can create a big change in the world.

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You bring creativity to every situation. Understanding that when a few open minds work together, the possibilities are endless.

Hear the Story of ibii!

Ever wonder ibii's origin. How did ibii get his name and why does he bring joy to others?  Listen to this inspiring story and imagine yourself in the world of ibii.  

Join the ibii Adventure!

Where Kids Find Inspiration

I'm Interested!

ibii's Annual Book Bag Drive

This past school semester ibii held its first annual backpacks fundraiser. We raised funds to provide more than 100 backpacks filled with supplies for elementary students in the Atlanta area. The drive was a huge success, and the students were thrilled to receive their new ibii book bags stuffed with goodies.

ibii™ book bags
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