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ibii world Founder Craig Henderson

The Creator

Craig Henderson
An Ambassador of Bold Ideas and Inspiration

Favorite Food: Thai

Favorite Music: Jazz/Afro Beats
Favorite Hobby: Cycling

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Movie: Gladiator

Favorite Quote: "Nothing happens, if nothing happens!"

My mission: To learn, to share, and to sprinkle joy wherever I go!

When I'm not illustrating vibrant graphics with a splash in both Atlanta and New York!, (check out I'm cycling through the scenic routes of Atlanta or getting lost in the melodies of a piano.

The Value ibii Brings

Personal Guiding Tool: ibii enhances kids' confidence and imagination as a personal buddy.

Facial characteristics Reminders: ibii's unusual facial characteristics encourage students to set objectives, appreciate what they do, act, think creatively, and be themselves.

Problem-Solving: ibii promotes creativity and teamwork to solve problems and innovate.

Comprehensive Support: ibii supports children's growth via afterschool enrichment programs, interactive pop-up experiences, and positive goods.

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Ibii CH57.JPG

My Story

ibii™ was developed from Craig Henderson’s vision to animate a sense of purpose that can lead to a healthy upbringing, minimizing chances for behavioral challenges and promote a greater understanding of ourselves and a more tolerant worldview that brings out our best and leads others to do the same.


Known for having a positive attitude, an ability to make a friend in any room and a quick-witted sense of humor, he is an imaginative force to be reckoned with.  Hailing from the colorful streets of Brooklyn, New York, he was destined to be a fan of art.Having the influence of his grandfather, who was a painter, Craig started illustrating at 5 years old and grew a significant fan base (mostly consisting of family and friends) that saw his budding talents and encouraged him to continue drawing.


Inspired by superheroes and cartoons, Craig realized the impactful message that these animated symbols represented and dreamed of one day creating his own character that would embody his vision to change the world.   Craig dedicated his full focus to ibii and is steadily growing awareness of the power behind the concept. One person at a time, Craig is fulfilling his childhood vision of changing the world, with ibii leading as the superhero.  Let's all join Craig’s movement to actively inspire one another for greatness. Be Bold. Be Inspired. be ibii!

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