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ibii activities

Explore a vibrant collection of fun and imaginative projects designed to spark curiosity, nurture creativity, and ignite young minds.


Yoga with ibii

Join us for a delightful 5-minute guided yoga session tailored for children, where we'll explore fun poses and gentle stretches to help young minds find calm and balance.

Magic with ibii

Dive into the enchanting world of magic with our children's tutorial! Learn captivating tricks and illusions that are simple to master, ensuring young magicians leave their audience spellbound and eager for more.

Rock and Roll ibii character

Print and Color ibii

Rock on with our 'Rock and Roll Ibii' coloring activity! Kids can channel their inner rockstar, coloring vibrant rock-inspired designs

Story time with ibii

In this heartwarming tale, meet Hero, a curious and adventurous boy who stumbles upon a goat with magical horns.

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